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Through our platform you can search your next business partner abroad that best meets your needs
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  • Meet business partners you can trust
  • Contact your counterparties directly through our secure platform
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How it works

Create your profile and upload your preferred products
All members during the registration process are verified before being accepted on the platform to give you a peace of mind regarding who you are dealing with. Every member will also indicate their interests, whether they want to buy or sell to make trades more transparent and faster.

Look for new business partners that want to connect with you
Thanks to our platform you will have the opportunity to contact directly the counterparties through our secured system without any intermediary: you can easily negotiate with the other party all the details of a transaction such as price, quantities and payment terms through Exporium platform without the need to speak each other language.

Get in touch and close trades with them through our secure platform
Once you find an agreement with the other party, the payment will be processed through our partners and you will know exactly where your money is at all the times. You can check the status of your trade at all times. Finally, you will need to rate the transaction to make sure the network keeps growing stronger.

Exporium connects food sellers and buyers at any time

  • List quality products
  • Discover opportunities in new markets
  • Connect with new buyers for your products
  • Find quality products
  • Expand your network of sellers
  • Contact directly your counterparties

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